Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Your Hair magazine

 My hair in Your Hair magazine.

Which reminds me, I should pick up a new copy (this was the October issue, unfortunately they don't distribute it in India so I just got my hands on a copy), I'm due for a restyle!  I've hit the second wall where I'm contemplating either chopping it all off again or persevering until it looks like the Brazilian girl's in the middle.  I miss my pixie and I really miss that amazing graduated bob I had with the side-swept fringe and the undercut on one side.

*Sigh*, both of them, fantastic, versatile haircuts that helped set me apart from the swarm of other models working the European market.  Apologies for the partial nudity, these were taken before my styling days.  It's been several years now that I've been growing it and I've sported a multitude of styles, including that couture bob illustrated above.  I had that for well over a year and stylists who'd book me (big hair market in London and Paris) would keep coming back to it again and again despite these other two styles suiting me better, in my humble opinion.

Looking at both of these images has helped clarify in my head that it's not so much the short hair that suited me better than long hair, but more a fringe-less or asymmetric cut that shows off my right cheek, my better cheek.  Scoff if you will, but everyone has a better cheek and a good model always knows theirs.  I'm sensing a joke brewing about turning the other cheek, save it, please, she's quite sensitive about the other one getting more attention.

Some styles I am currently contemplating:

Ooh, to keep the fringe or grow it out...?  Decisions, decisions.  Any advice would be very welcome.

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  1. You look amazing with short hair! I love both of the old photos of you, but I actually think the longer (of the two short ones) looks so current and would be super versatile. I say go with that one!


  2. Thanks for your comment Nomadic, yeah, it was a really fantastic haircut! I'm trying to grow my fringe out now into a longer version of it as I can't give in now when I've been growing it so long! But if I ever do contemplate the chop again, I'll remember exactly how well that one worked and how versatile it was (hence why Karlie K. decided to copy it! harhar!)


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