Sunday, 14 April 2013

Body Shop Beauty

This tinted cheek gel from The Body Shop could give Nars Orgasm a serious run for its money.  A beautiful rose pink tint with flecks of gold light-reflecting particles, I've been using this product to give me a serious (after ;)glow for castings.  I've been using their 'Rose Pink' lip and cheek stain for years, every summer I get it out and it's great to put in your beach bag on holiday.  But when I saw they'd added a new shade (Bronze Glimmer) last summer, I thought I'd give it a try.

You just need to swipe a bit on your cheek and then use your fingers to blend.  I use a patting motion rather than a rubbing motion, otherwise I end up with more of the stain on my finger than on my cheeks, leaving mostly just a gold highlight.  Also, do one cheek at a time, as I've made the mistake before of swiping on both cheeks at the same time, then going to blend each one in turn, leaving the second cheek with a deeper stain from where the product has been sitting for too long.  And, unlike the rose pink shade, this one doesn't look so great used on the lips.

Despite those drawbacks, I'm on my second one now (only because I heartbreakingly lost the first one), and I keep it in my bag always.  It actually lasts hours, so it's not like I need it for touch-ups, it's just part of my 'travel beauty kit' that I always keep in my handbag for mornings where I've overslept and have to do my makeup on the tube.

Also in said kit is their awesome crayon concealer, which is great for concealing both dark circles and blemishes, and I also use it on other areas of discolouration like round the nose and a bit on the chin.  It gives you that even-toned complexion without wearing foundation, cheating perfection ;).  After all, you don't wanna be that girl trying to blend foundation on the tube, why not bring your hair straighteners along for the ride, too?

The coverage is really good so you need only a teeny bit on imperfections.  They do a wide variety of shades so most should be able to find one that blends in well with your skin tone.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to go that dark, however, which means black girls are left out, which is crap.  Body Shop, please address!

Skin Primer

Whether your'e using foundation or not, this product is a win for normal or oily skin.  It's completely colourless and goes on like so much liquid velvet, leaving a soft, perfect, velvety finish to the skin.  It's amazing.  I've stopped using it recently, however, as my skin for the last few months has been on the drier side of normal, but I might pick one up before I head off to Asia again as my skin tends to get a bit oilier in more humid climes.  This product is just as good as other, pricier products I've tried (e.g. Smashbox, although it doesn't come in colour-correcting or illuminating varieties, unfortunately).

Their eye pencils, however, I would give a miss.  Usually if I trial a product and it doesn't perform up to scratch, I won't even bother giving it any coverage, but I thought I would here to demonstrate my integrity, authenticity, lack of bias and general awesomeness.  I'll also have you know, I don't receive any kind of kickback if you click on one of the links to purchase any of the products I've ever recommended (you can just click on the picture and it will take you to the product page).  Nor have the Body Shop ever sent me any free products, so I just want y'all to know, if I say something is good, that shit be true and I'm not getting any kind of compensation for saying so.

Anyway, the eye pencils.  Really not that fussed, very difficult to get a good colour in the water line with these, I have the navy blue and the black and they are both VERY subtle.  Which is actually kinda good for castings when I want to add a bit of definition but not look like i'm wearing anything (eyeliner for castings is a bit of a no-no), I might just run the black over to give my eyes a bit of depth.  But if you're looking for a real kohl, you'll need one that is softer and more highly pigmented.

And in the spirit of product-bashing, here's another I'd give a miss to:

Chocomania Shower Gel, smells supposedly like chocolate but I find the smell more like soapy chocolate.  It's also extremely viscous so I had to squeeze the bottle quite hard to get any out.  It doesn't lather amazingly well but that's not a huge concern when I'm assessing a shower gel.  For me it was just that smell was so off-putting, it made me want to vom every time I used it (and I committed to finishing the bottle despite how much I hated it, I'm very anti-waste).  I'm back onto my Original Source stuff after that traumatic experience.  It seems like The Body Shop's Hemp shower gel has been discontinued, I can't see it on the website in any case.  Which brings me great sadness as it was actually one of the best shower gels I've ever used.  Quite viscous, yet easy to get out of the bottle, almost like an oil.  And so, so moisturising.  A real treat.  Bring it back, guys!

And let's end on a high note:

these two are great:

For my full review of both, check out What's In My Manicure Kit Bag, some insider tips from a professional hand model (me).

And for anyone who isn't familiar with The Body Shop, despite selling out to L'Oreal, they seem to be  making quite a firm stand against animal testing and still take their founding values quite seriously.  The Roddick family would be proud, and so am I, which is why I'll forgive their disgusting soap scented liquid chocolate this one time.

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